Welcome to my homepage!
My name is Steven, and I've been collecting football shirts since 1988 - mainly
of my favourite club team,
AC Milan, but as well of other club and national
teams from
Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain
Germany. A few years ago, I decided to open an own website in order that
I can share my collection with other collectors.

Not all, but most of the shirts in my collection are from the players themselves.
As I know a friend in Italy who has frequent personal contacts to several players
and club officials, I got supplied with Italian player issued shirts from time to
time. Therefore, there are a lot of Italian shirts in my site, but many others as
well, of course.  

Finally, many shirts shown here have more an emotional than an commercial
value as I associate them with great teams or players which I saw and liked in
the past. So it's certainly not the biggest collection and probably not the most
precious one - it's just my collection, my personal one.  

Thanks for looking into my site. I hope you will enjoy it!