Johann Cruyff Shirts
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Johan Cruyff's shirts are very special because
of a specific detail: The two Adidas arm stripes
instead of the usual three ones.
During the World Cup 1974, Adidas started to
produce shirts with the today well known three
arm stripes. But at the time, Cruyff wore the
Puma "King" football shoes and was bound in
an advertising contract with the manufacturer
"Puma". As Puma and Adidas were big rivals on
the sportswear market, Cruyff refused to wear
the three striped Adidas shirts and insisted on a
special confection with two stripes.
Therefore, he got supplied with two striped
shirts and shorts. I don't know if Adidas
produced them this way or if the KNVB kitman
modified the shirts.

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I remember that in the late 70's there were other
players as well who played with two stripes -
like the Van de Kerkhof brothers during the
World Cup 1978 in Argentina.

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pictures of René and Willy Van de Kerkhof:
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