Club Teams Italy
SSC Napoli 1987/88

This Napoli shirt is probably the most storic one in
their club history. It's the shirt from the season
after they won their first "Scudetto", the Italian
championship, as well as the Italy Cup. It was the
era of Diego Armando Maradona.
The shirt itself was worn by
Bruno Giordano and
is made of a pure cotton material. It's definitely  
one of my absolute favourite shirts. Many
collectors already asked for it, but I will never give
it away.
The long sleeved version was worn by Fernando
"Nando" De Napoli and is of the same cloth
material. A simple, but just wonderful design!
The away shirt was also worn by Bruno Giordano.  
It's also in a heavy cotton material - and just
beautiful. It costed me a lot of money, but it was
worth every penny!
The red away shirt is even rarer than the home
and white away shirt, a real beauty and one more
diamond in my collection. The shirt was worn by
Alessandro Renica during the Italian
SSC Napoli 1988/89

One more Napoli shirt made of 100% cotton
material - simply splendid and beautiful. This one
was worn by
Andrea Carnevale during the Italian
AS Roma 1988 - 90

A similar shirt like the Napoli shirt was the one AS
Roma used during the late 80's. It was also made
by ENERRE and of a cotton like material, very
comfortable to wear. This one was worn either by
the midfielder
Stefano Desideri or by the great
Bruno Conti during the 1989/90 season.
SSC Napoli 1989/90

In 1990 Napoli won their 2nd championship. This
is the shirt they wore during that season. This one
was worn by no one else than
Diego Armando
, "el pibe de oro" as they called him in
Italy. It's probably one of the most valuable shirts
in my collection, the "mount everest" for collectors I
am tended to say.
Inter Milan 1989/90

This is a shirt which should increase the heart
frequency of every Inter Milan fan. On the chest
there is the "Scudetto" shield. The shirt was made
by UHLSPORT and is of a very precious design. It
was worn by the former Italian forward
. A great and storic shirt - very hard to find.
Even for me as an AC Milan fan it's probably one of
the most beautiful shirts in my collection.
Inter Milan 1989/90

The Inter away shirts of the late 80's and early 90's
made by UHLSPORT had a special design, but I
liked them very much. This one was worn also by
Aldo Serena during the 1990/91 season.
SSC Napoli 1990/91

After winning their second Italian championship
the following shirt had again the "scudetto" on the
chest. It was again (and for the last time) made by
"Ennerre" - this time in a brillant cloth material.
Very beautiful! This shirt was worn by
, one of the best napoli forwards of all times.
SSC Napoli 1990/91

The third away shirt was again coloured in red.
This shirt is one more historic item in my
collection - worn or issued by or for
in his last season for Napoli.
Sampdoria Genoa 1991/92

This shirt is without any doubt the most storic in
Samp's club history. It's the one they wore after
their first and - until now - last championship
winning season. It was a fabulous team with
players like Pagliuca, Vierchowod, Dossena,
Cerezo, Katanec, Mancini, Vialli or
, who usually wore the shirt with the
number 7.
The number 5 usually was worn by the central
Pietro Vierchowod.
The original player shirts came with sown on
"scudetto", screen printed back number and
embroidered ASICS brand - not available
commercially - an absolute rarity. I remember that
I was looking for such a shirt everywhere that time,
but couldn't find it. Now, 20 years later, I found
even two of them ...
... three of them in the meantime, another one,
worn by midfielder
Ivano Bonetti during the
European Cup match against Anderlecht on
March, 18, 1992.
AC Parma 1992/93

This is the only AC Parma shirt in my collection,
but probably the mos historic one ever. It was
worn by the Swedish shooting star
Tomas Brolin
in the Final of the European Cup Winners Cup
against Royal Antwerpen at the Wembley Stadium
in London.
AC Fiorentina 1992/93

Like many teams around, Fiorentina changed as
well to LOTTO as shirts supplier in 1992.
The first version of the away shirt was very
controversial due to the fact that the patterns
showed "swastika" symbols, which was hardly
visible at first sight. (
see picture). LOTTO insisted
that the "opctical effect", as they termed it,  was
However, the "swastika" version got retired after a
few matches and replaced by a full white one. It
was the right decision - first because of the
described controversial discussion and second,
the white shirt was - like most of the LOTTO away
shirts of that time - a great art work and in my
opinion the most beautiful Fiorentina shirt ever.
Juventus Torino 1995/96

I am not a fan of Juventus, but the shirt of 1995/96
is definitely one of the most beautiful in their club
history. It's the shirt they wore after they won the
double - the scudetto and Italy cup in 1994/95 -,
with beautiful embroideries. It was the first season
they wore the name on the back. This shirt was
worn by
Ciro Ferrara during the Italian
Juventus Torino 1995/96

The away shirt of 1995/96 was also very well
made and of a beautiful design and quality. This
shirt was worn by
Ciro Ferrara during the
Champion's League. The back number is screen
printed into the cloth, and the Champion's League
patch embroidered on the sleeve.
Juventus Torino 1997/98

In 1997/98 Juventus changed to a completely new
design - also made by Kappa. I remember that at
first sight I had my problems with this new shirt.
But the more I look at it the more I like it. It is made
of a high quality, and all logos are beautifully
embroidered. The back number is also screen
printed into the cloth, while the name is printed on
with a high transfer type plastic material.
Juventus Torino 1997/98

The away shirt of 1997/98 were als made in this
new style - with a kind of ventilation net on the side
parts of the shirt. The logos are also embroidered,
but the back number and name are both printed.
All in all just beautiful!
Lazio Roma 2000/01

In 1999/00 Lazio won the "double" - the Italian
championship and the Italy Cup. This shirt was
the third away version and was worn by
Alessandro Nesta during the Champion's League.
Inter Milan 2007/08

After years and years not winning the Italian
championship Inter Milan won several "scudettos"
in a row. This shirt was a very rare one - with
centenary embroidery and golden sponsor  - and
was worn by the Inter Milan "institution"
Inter Milan 2008/09

From time to time even NIKE produced very
beautiful shirts - like this Inter away shirt worn by
the Brazilian star
Adriano. It's a simple white with
black border, beautiful Inter patch embroidery and
sown on "scudetto". What does a shirt need more?
Inter Milan 2010/11

The 2009/10 season was probably the most
successful for Inter of all times. They won the
"Triple" - Italian championship and cup as well as
the Champion's League. Further, they won the
World Club Championships, too. As a
consequence, the shirt of the following season
was a real "patch work" as there was not much
space on the shirt for all winning patches.