National Teams
Holland World Cup 1974

The "clockwork oranje team" of the 1974 World
Cup with players like Cruyiff, Neeskens, Krol, Rep,
Haan, Van Hanegem and many more is widely
regarded as one of the best national teams ever
played in a competition. Their "total football"
revolutionized the game and set the standards for
modern soccer as we know it today. This shirt was
worn by
Rob Rensenbrink against Argentina.

This shirt will be exposed at the new FIFA World
Cup museum in Zurich which opens at the end of
February 2016.
The greatest shirt in my collection - an absolute
jewel - is the one which was worn by the
"maestro", the genius
Johan Cruyff himself during
the match against Argentina or Sweden.
It's without any doubt the most valuable shirt in my
whole collection, and it was a real odyssey for me
to get it. Many thanks to Erik who sold this
wonderful shirt to me. It's the absolute "crown" of
my collection! The shirt comes also with

Cruyff shirts are also special due to a specific
detail: the two Adidas stripes instead of the usual
three ones. Read the entire
story behind.
Of course, I won't discuss anymore if Germany
deserved to win the final match or not. Both teams
had the same chances, both teams could have
won the match, and at the end Germany was the
luckier team - as it often was in the past. End of
But the fact which remains is that in my opinion the
Holland shirt of this World Cup is without any
doubt the most beautiful shirt ever in football
history. It was my main target to get this shirt when
I re-started collecting years ago, and it took a long
time to find it. I could also say that with this shirt
the reason of collecting more shirt has expired as
it just can't be topped anymore.
The white away shirt has been issued for the
dutch midfielder
Wim Jansen for the semi final
match against Brazil, when they finally used the
long sleeved version.
It's one of the most beautiful shirts in my
collection. Just wonderful! Thanks, Wes, for selling
that amazing piece of history to me!
Holland World Cup 1978

The World Cup 78 in Argentina was the first
tournament which I have ever seen live, and the
Holland team was one of my favourite ones from
the first beginning. Of course, I was sad to see
how they finally lost the Cup - in a match which not
only in my opinion was "bought" by Argentina.
The first shirt was worn by
Piet Wildschut either
against Austria or against Germany. Due to the
FIFA decrete the
Adidas wording had to be covered
with a black felt stripe, as the teams weren't
allowed to present their manufacturer's names
during the tournament.
The second shirt on the picture was worn by Ruud
Krol either against Iran or during that famous
World Cup Final against Argentina. As a specific
detail, these shirts weren't made by Adidas Erima
like the usual ones, but by Adidas Ventex France.
The cloth material is very smooth, and there isn't
"Adidas" wording below the leaf logo.
What I like at the shirts of the 70's is especially the
design of the dutch lion, and it took over 25 years
until I found these fantastic shirts. Especially the
Krol shirt is probably one of the rarest shirts in my
collection, and my dream since my childhood. So,
don't even try to ask for this one :-)

This shirt will be exposed at the new FIFA World
Cup museum in Zurich which opens at the end of
February 2016.
This shirt initially was issued for the World Cup
1978 in Argentina for
Dick Schoenaker, but not
used at the end, as Shoenaker played only against
Austria in the second half - in Holland's home
After the World Cup, it was worn in several games
and swapped after the EURO 80 qualifier match
Switzerland-Holland on October 11th 1978 at the
Wankdorf stadium in Berne, where the former
dutch defender
Ernie Brandts wore the shirt with
the number 3.
In any case it is one of the rarest Holland shirts
ever - right after the EURO 1988 home and the
World Cup 1974 away shirts.
Thanks to Paulo for organizing this shirt for me!
Argentina World Cup 1978

This shirt is probably only a reproduction, as I
recently got aware. Even if I am sad that I got
cheated with this shirt, I like it all the same.  The
shirt is very beautiful and an absolute rarity.
The number 2 usually was worn by the genious
midfield player
Oswaldo Ardiles. At that time,
Argentina gave the numbers out based on the
alphabetic order of the player's names - except the
number 1 for the goalkeeper and the number 10,
which was Mario Kempes' number.
France World Cup 1978

This is the only France shirt in my collection and -
in my opinion - the most beautiful one ever. It's
made of a bright and smooth cloth material and
produced by Adidas Ventex. The number 2 usually
was worn by the defender
Patrick Battiston.
Brazil "Mundialito" 1981

This shirt marks the the beginning of the "Topper
era", when Brasil changed from Adidas as shirts
manufacturer to Topper. They were of a classic
and simple design and very comfortable to wear.
This shirt was worn by
Paulo Isidoro during the
final match of the "Mundialito", the so called "Gold
Cup". As usual during tournaments, Brazil did not
wear the manufacturer's logo on the chest, and
often the shirts were made in a different cloth
composition (i.e. 100% cotton)  than during the
regular season. A wonderful shirt!
Switzerland 1980-82

This shirt represents a successful era in Swiss
football, when the national team was coached by
Paul Wolfisberg and - after victories against teams
like England and Romania - nearly reached the
World Cup in Spain. But only nearly!
I remember when I was a 14 year old boy that I
decided to buy this shirt in case they will come to
Spain. Well, they didn't at the end, and I bought the
legendary Brazil 82 shirt instead! ;-) More than 25
years later I finally found this legendary
Switzerland shirt, too. Thanks Daniel for your help
finding this historic item for me!
The number 5 usually was worn by
at that time.
Brazil 1982/83

If there ever was a team which deserved to win a
World Champion title more than every other team it
was certainly this famous Brazil team of 1982. I
remember well those times when I admired the
"Samba" football of Zico, Socrates, Falcao, Junior,
Cerezo and Eder, and it was one of my hardest
(football)days when in the 2nd round they lost
against Italy in one of the most famous matches
ever. This shirt was worn by
Adilio against West
Germany in a pre World Cup match. It's the rare
100%-cotton version as worn during the World
Cup tournament. Just beautiful!
Brazil 1982/83

This is the away version of the legendary 1982
Brazil Topper shirt. What I liked most at these
shirts was the simple and classic design with one
colour, round neck and arm cuffs. What does a
shirt need more?
As a specific detail the Brazil shirts of that era had
a little "Cafe do Brazil" logo printed on the chest
and inside the CBF logo - an advertising for a
coffee -, which was not very usual for national
Argentina World Cup 1982

From the beginning of the World Cup 1982 in
Spain I was against the Argentinian team just
because of the fact that they beat the Holland team
4 years before in a very suspicious final match.
Therefore, I wasn't sad that Pasarella, Maradona &
Co. went home after the lost match against "my"
Brazil dream team.
But one thing they had which I really liked: A very
nice shirt - probably one of the most beautiful ones
in their history. It was made by "Le Coq Sportif" in a
soft cotton material and very comfortable to wear.
This shirt was worn two years later in a friendly
match against Germany, but is exactly the same
model as the one used during the World Cup.
England World Cup 1982

In the late 70's and early 80's I was a big fan of
english club teams - such as Liverpool or Aston
Villa, which both won the European Cup. Of
course, I also admired the England national team
around players like Keegan, Wilkins, Woodcock,
Brookings or Francis - even though it wasn't as
successful as the clubs. Who knows why.
The 1982 World Cup shirt of England - worn by the
former Ipswich Town defender
Mick Mills -
represents the team of those times and is also
one of my favourites due to the special design.
The Away shirt was also very beautiful. This one
was worn by former Aston Villa forward
in the EURO '84 qualifier match against
Greece on November 17th 1982.
Brazil 1985/86

It was the last season of Zico playing in that
famous "Samba team". After the World Cup in
Mexico he left the "seleçao" - after one of the most
tragic defeats ever against France in the quarter
finals, when Zico missed a penalty kick.
But anyway, these shirts - especially the blue away
shirt - are once again just wonderful and very
beautiful. A great work of TOPPER.
Argentina World Cup 1986

In 1986 Argentina won the World Cup for the
second time, and this time they really deserved the
title. It was a great team around the genious
superstar Diego Maradona. The shirt they wore
was made of a special "Airtex" material to prevent
of the big heat in Mexico. It was not used again
after the tournament. Very rare!
Many (mostly argentinian) collectors already asked
me for this shirt - some with really big, big offers -,
but I will not give this shirt away, sorry!
Holland EURO 1988

After two lost World Cup finals in 1974 and 1978
(both against the home teams) Holland finally got
their first - and by now only - title during the
European Championships in 1988.
The shirt had a very special design and was used
only during that tournament - and never again
afterwards. It's the most wanted sought after
Holland shirt ever and - as a consequence - the
most expensive, too. I guess that no Holland shirt
collection is really complete without this special
My shirt was worn by midfielder
Jan Wouters
during the tournament.
Holland World Cup 1990

After the glorious winning of the European
championships in 1988 everyone was expecting
the Holland team to play for the title again two
years later at the World Cup in Italy. But
unfortunately, they lost the eight final against the
later World Cup champion Germany in a dramatic
match. The shirt was very special and made of a
very smooth cloth material into which all logos and
numbers were screen printed.
This shirt was worn by
Ronald Koeman.
Italy World Cup 1990

This shirt represents a great Italian era around the
late 80's and early 90's and a team with players
like Zenga, Bergomi, Ferri, Maldini, Baresi,
Ancelotti, Giannini, Donadoni, De Agostini, De
Napoli, Vialli, Mancini, Carnevale, Serena and later
also Roberto Baggio. Always unforgettable for me
will remain the famous "notti magiche" during the
World Cup 90, when I also went to Italy to watch
some matches. This shirt is from the World Cup
1990 in Italy, worn by
"Nando" de Napoli.
Switzerland 1992 - 1994

After the lost EURO 1992 qualification the
Switherland team changed from the "Blacky" to
"Lotto" as kit manufacturer.
At the time they supplied as well teams like
Holland or AC Milan, and in my opinion they did a
great job. The shirts were just wonderful - a
simple "Polo" design with "Lotto" patterns woven
into the shirt.
This shirt was worn by the midfielder
during the World Cup 1994 qualifiers
against Portugal.
Switzerland World Cup 1994

Marco Grassi was a reserve bench player and
played only in one half time during the World Cup
1994 in USA. But the shirt represents the glorious
Swiss team with players like Stéphane Chapuisat,
Ciriaco Sforza, Alain Geiger, Adrian Knup, Georges
Bregy, Alain Sutter and Marco Pascolo which
reached the final tournament after a long break of
28 years with just too many "honourable defeats"
as we were used to say.
One shirt was issued for Marco Grassi. The other
shirt was issued for
Thomas Bickel. Grassi
entered the match as a substitute during the
second half against Colombia, Bickel played as
well during the second half against Romania.
The away shirt was worn by the reserve forward
Nestor Subiat
either during the first round match
USA (1:1) or during the first playoff match
Spain (0:3). Click on the links for match
In my opinion, this shirt is the most beautiful
Switzerland shirt ever. It took me over 22 years to
find it. Finally, I got one! Wow!
The other away shirt was worn by the "top shot"
forward of those times
Adrian Knup during the
round of 16 match against Spain (0:3).
The third one was worn by the right back defender
Marc Hottiger
either against USA or against Spain.
Holland World Cup 1994

In 1992 the Holland team changed from Adidas to
Lotto as the shirts manufacturer. At the beginning I
needed some time to "adapt my taste" to the new
shirts. But more and more I began to like that
simple but very precious design. The numbers
were screen printed into the cloth, while the lotto
logo and the lion crest were beautifully
embroidered. During the World Cup tournament,
the player's name was printed on in felt material.
Last, but not least, the lion crest was screen
printed as a pattern all over the shirt. A great
This home shirt was worn by one of my all time
favourite dutch players
Frank Rijkaard.
One home shirt was worn by the former dutch
Stan Walckx.
Another one by midfielder Aaron Winter.
The away version was also worn by Ronald
. It's probably one of the most beautiful
shirts Holland ever wore - also with screen printed
numbers and the dutch lion patterns not just
printed but much more woven into the cloth. (click
here for more pictures).
In my opinion, these Lotto shirts were the most
beautiful shirts ever produced. A pity that Holland
and so many other club and national teams
changed to NIKE in the meantime - probably one
of the ugliest trademarks in football history.
The other away shirt was worn by my former
favourite dutch player
Marc Overmars.
Switzerland EURO 1996

Two years after the first World Cup participation
Switzerland reached the European
Championships as well, even though the will
remain as less successful after one 1:1 against
England and two defeats against Scotland and
Anyway, this shirt here was prepared for long
serving captain
Alain Geiger, one of my all time
favourite Swiss players - a great defender and one
of the last classic "liberos". Unfortunately, he got
injured during the opening match against England
and missed the rest of the tournament.
Holland EURO 1996

During the EURO 1996 Holland wore the Lotto
shirts for the last time ever before they changed to
NIKE. The design of the home shirt was very
special because of the special frame on the front
side. It shows a picture of the World Cup 1994
squad celebrating a goal. This shirt was worn by
Peter Hoekstra during the first round of the
tournament and was also signed by him.
In particular I liked the away version with the
special colour design. This shirt was issued or
worn by
Jordi Cruyff. I can't remember anymore if
there and in which match there were used the
tournament and fairplay
sleeve patches for the
away shirts. But in any case it is a very rare piece
of collection.
Italy World Cup 1998

Of course, no rule without exception. Even though I
really hate the new NIKE designs, the shirt they
produced for the Italy team around the 1998
season was most probably one of the most
beautiful shirts ever produced. I don't understand
why they didn't keep that design for longer. This
shirt was worn by
Francesco Moriero during the
The white away shirt is even more beautiful than
the home shirt. This one was match issued for
Filippo Inzaghi. I just say: Wow!
England EURO 2000

This is one of only three player issued England
shirts in my collection. The main difference
between replica shirts and player shirts of this
version was the front and back number, which -
sold in shops - was in a brighter red than on
player shirts. The original numbers were produced
and embossed specifically by one company which
wasn't allowed by the FA to do it also on replica
shirts. This one was worn by
Michael Owen
during the match against Romania.
I once sold the shirt to a fellow collector, but
missed it so much that I bought it back from him.
Now I will keep it. :-)
Holland 2000 - 2002

After the ugly shirts of the World Cup 1998 NIKE
produced a very cute one for the EURO 2000 and
the time after. The short sleeved shirt was worn by
Edgar Davids during the European
championships against Yugoslavia when the
dutch team won 6-1 in a historic match.
The long sleeved shirt was worn by one of my
favourite dutch players of that time, the left forward
Marc Overmars, in a match against Turkey.
Unfortunately, for the next World Cup tournament
NIKE produced the double layer shirts - in my eyes
the ugliest shirts ever ...
England EURO 2004

In 2004 the shirts manufacturer UMBRO made a
great job with their England away shirts. It's just a
wonderful design.
Paul Scholes was one of my
favourite England players of that time. I can't say
whether this shirt was worn or issued, but it was
prepared for the match against Croatia.
Switzerland EURO 2008

Despite the bad performance of the Swiss team
during their "home European Championships" the
shirt itself was very beautiful - one of the most
beautiful designs during Swiss football history in
my opinion. What a mess PUMA went back to the
ugly and complicated design for the new World
Cup shirts ... Thanks to Paulo for organzining this
shirt for me!
Spain EURO 2012

The Spanish national team was the ultimate team
of the past 4 years. They won the EURO 2008, the
World Cup 2010 and finally the EURO 2012 as
well. This shirt was issued for the world class
Sergio Ramos for the final match against
Italy, which Spain dominated and won with a
historic score of 4-0.
Further, Adidas created a wonderful shirt. Once
Holland World Cup 2014

In 2014 the dutch football association KNVB
changed their lion logo. It's similar to the one of
the famous 70's shirts. I like the design and also
the shirts NIKE produced for this World Cup.
Simple, but nice!
This one was worn by
Robin van Persie during the
"little final" against Brazil, which Holland won 3-0.
The away shirt was worn by Robin van Persie
during the epic first match against title holder
Spain, which the Holland team won with 5-1.