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Servette Geneva 1977/78

The season 1977/78 was the most successful in
history. Servette won the double - the Swiss
championship as well as the Swiss Cup and the
"Cup of Alpes". The shirt of that season is
probably one of the rarest and most requested
Servette shirts ever. The number 11 was usually
worn by forward Jean-Yves Valentini.
Servette Geneva 1978/79

After the lost Cup Final in 1978 against the
Grasshopper Club Zürich, which they lost 0-3 in
the second match after a 2-2 draw in the first one,
Servette reached the Cup Final again one year
later. The first match against Young Boys Bern
ended again in a draw (1-1). In the second match
Servette finally won  with 1-0. I don't know who
wore the shirt with the no. 19 or if it was only
issued. But in any case it's most probably one of
the rarest and most wanted Servette shirt ever.

Match pictures:
Team, Pfister, Barberis, Team
FC St. Gallen 1978/79

This season was special because of two facts:
First, the FCSG finally played in Switzerland's top
league again ... and even reached the 4th place at
the end. Second, it was the first season they wore
shirts with a sponsor - "Ernst Teigwaren"!
Further, it makes the shirt special to me as well,
because this kind of shirt was the FIRST
FOOTBALL SHIRT EVER for me. Read the whole
story about it in the "About me" section!
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1, 2
FC Basel 1978/79

This shirt represents another successful FC
Basel era, the years with coach Helmuth
Benthaus, when they won the Swiss
championship several times. The shirt of 1978/79
was made by Adidas Ventex, and the cloth is very
smooth. It's simply a beautiful design, the most
beautiful shirt FC Basel ever wore in my opinion. I
also remember that at the time I spent all my
pocket money to buy this shirt, and I even decided
for this and against the famous Servette Admiral
shirt when I had the choice. Years later, I gave it
away, which was a big mistake! But now, more
than 30 years later, I was lucky to get another one
again - and even a player's shirt!
The away shirt of the same season is even more
beautiful in my opinion. When I had the choice
between the home and the away shirt I decided
for the home version (see text above). But
actually, I'd have loved to buy both - but had only
the money for one of them.
Today, 35 years later, I finally got the away shirt,
too - probably one of the most beautiful shirts in
my collection. Thanks to Daniel for selling that
dream of my childhood to me! :-)
Grasshopper Club Zurich 1979/80

The Grasshopper Club Zurich was my favourite
club team when I was a young child. There were
great players indeed playing at the Grasshoppers
in that time, like Roger Berbig, Claudio Sulser,
Raimondo Ponte, Heinz Hermann and Libero
André "Bigi" Meyer who wore this shirt.
I remember that as a 10 year old boy I absolutely
wanted this shirt with the nice club sign on the
chest, but when I finally had the money together
the new season started and there weren't any of
these shirts anymore, and I had to buy the new
version. Now, more than 25 years after, I finally
found the "right" one.
The shirt with the number 7 usually was worn by
my former favourite player
Hans-Jörg "Joko"
during the first season at the
Servette Geneva 1979/80

Servette Geneva was one of the leader clubs in
Switzerland in the late 70's and early 80's. At the
time they had players like Lucien Favre, Umberto
Barberis, Alain Geiger, Serge Trinchero, Claude
"Didi" Andrey, Lucio Bizzini, Marc Schnyder,
Hans-Jörg "Joko" Pfister, Michel Decastel, Erich
Burgener or Karl Engel - well known players in
Swiss football history.
In 1979, after the double-winning season,
Servette changed their shirts manufacturer, and
after the "ADMIRAL" era of the 70's there was a
new shirt to come, with a completely new design.
The shirt was very particular from the point of view
that it wasn't produced by a sports wear
manufacturer, but much more by a fashion
designer called "Henri Charles Colsenet" (HCC).
Even though I remember that as a 12 year old boy
I principally supported the Grasshopper Club
Zurich, I just fell in love with this Servette shirt at
once and after saving my pocket money for
several months I finally bought the home shirt.
Unfortunately, during my growing period I gave
the shirt away, and after I re-started collecting
about 14 years ago, I really missed this great
shirt. Now, I had the luck to find the shirt again -
and also the away version, which is even more
beautiful. A big "Merci beaucoup!" to Laurent, who
gave these two embarassing shirts to me!
FC Zurich 1980 - 1982

The FC Zürich was the local rival club to my
favourite team Grasshoppers. They also had a
great team with famous players like Karl Grob,
Heinz Lüdi, Giampietro Zappa, Ruedi "Turbo"
Elsener, Daniel Jeandupeux, Walter Seiler or
Hanspeter Zwicker, just to mention a few.
The shirt on the left was worn by the Yugoslavian
star Jure Jerkovic during the second part of the
1979/80 championship.
In 1980 most of the clubs wearing ADIDAS shirts
got a new design, which I liked very much. I was
lucky to get this shirts a few years ago. The blue
away version is even more beautiful than the
white home shirt in my opinion!
There were already quite a few collectors asking
me for this shirt, but didn't give it away.
The blue away version is even more beautiful
than the white home shirt in my opinion!
There were already quite a few collectors asking
me for this shirt, but didn't give it away.
Last, but not least, a very rare version is the
yellow shirt on the left, worn again by Jure
Aston Villa 1980/81

In 1981 Aston Villa won the English
championship with a few points more than
runner's up Ipswich Town. One year later they
even became champions of Europe after the
historic final against Bayern Munich. This shirt is
a replica shirt which I bought when I was 14 years
old. The number was stitched on afterwards.
Servette Geneva 1981/82

From 1980/81 Servette started to wear shirts with
sponsor. EBEL was (and is) a clock manufacturer
from Geneva and its logo was printed on the front
and back of the shirts. This one was worn by one
of my all  time favourite Swiss football players
Alain Geiger in his early years of his career.
Servette Geneva 1982/83

The Away shirt of these seasons is even more
beautiful. A really classic shirt! While the 77-79
Admiral shirts were the most historic Servette
shirts ever - due to the successful history beyond
them -, but the HCC shirts were simply the most
beautiful ones ever!
FC Barcelona 1982/83

MEYBA was the shirts manuracturer of Barcelona
for about 10 seasons. Later,  they changed to
Kappa and finally NIKE.
The MEYBA shirts of the early 80's were of a very
light and smooth cloth material and confortably to
wear. I also liked the simple, but efficient design
of those shirts.
Real Madrid 1986

In the middle of the 80's HUMMEL was a well
known shirts manufacturer of teams like Real
Madrid or Denmark as a national team. I liked this
type of Real shirt - again with a simple, but
beautiful design. The number and the sponsor
were not only printed on, but printed into the shirt.
This one was worn by the former Real player
Grasshopper Club Zurich 1988

This shirt was worn by the Swedish defender
Mats Gren during the Swiss Cup Final match
against FC Schaffhausen, which Grasshoppers
won with 2-0. Cup Final shirts are always very
special, so also this one with the special
combination of the small Grasshoppers and the
Cup Final logo as well as the player's name
above the back number. Very beautiful!
Real Madrid 2000/01

The ADIDAS Equipment shirts of 1999/00 and
2000/01 had simply one of the most beautiful
design ever since in my opinion. Therefore, this
Real Madrid shirt is not historic only due to the
high class team they had that time and the world
class player which
Luis Figo was, but much more
because of the shirt itself which in my personal
rating is one of the most beautiful shirt I have ever
Manchester United 2000/01

This was the last season that ManUtd played in
UMBRO shirts, before they changed to NIKE.
What a pity! These UMBRO shirts were just
beautiful and of a very high quality. I will never
understand why they changed the label. It was
probably a question of money and nothing else,
as the NIKE design is just atrocious in my eyes.
FC Barcelona 2001/02

I already mentioned that I don't like most of the
NIKE shirts with their sometimes very
complicated design. But nevertheless there are
some exceptions like this beautiful Barcelona
shirt from the 2001/02 season. And besides,
Gaizka Mendieta was one of my favourite players
as well, especially when he played at Valencia.
Real Madrid 2001/02

At the beginning of the 21st century Real Madrid
often was called "The galactics" or "The white
balet". Thy had stars like Zidane and Figo in their
team and played a very successful football.
This shirt is - once more - a very good
manufacturer's work of ADIDAS. Just beautiful!
FC Basel 2002/03

The FC Basel team of this season was probably
one of the most successful ones in Swiss
football history. They played a great season in the
Swiss championship but especially in the
Champion's League where they reached the
second round. This shirt was worn by
during the first match against Juventus
Torino. It was quite difficult to find such a shirt as I
don't have many contacts in Switzerland for player
Real Madrid 2004/05

The shirts of this season were the last ones of
the double layered Climacool versions which
started at 2002/03. What I like at this shirt is not
only that it was worn by "Il fenomeno"
but also the style and colour of the shirt. Very
Real Madrid 2008/09

Even if I repeat myself: In my opinion ADIDAS do a
great work with their football shirts. Of course,
there are exceptions, but usually their design is
very simple and efficient. This shirt was worn by
the former dutch national player
Ruud van
during the Champion's League.
FC Barcelona 2009/10

The 2008/09 season was the most successful in
history. Barça won the "triple" - Spanish
championship, Spanish cup and in May 2009 the
Champion's League. The success was followed
by the winning of the World Club championship.
This shirt comes from the following season
showing all winner's badges. It was worn by the
French national player
Eric Abidal.
The away shirt was made in a very specific
orange colour. Very beautiful. This one was
issued for
Gabriel Milito during the Champion's
Real Madrid 2011/12

Have I already said it before that ADIDAS usually
make wonderful shirts? ;-)
Well, this shirt is just another proof for it. Even
though I'm not a Real Madrid fan (and neither of
Ronaldo nor Mourinho), this season the red away
shirt was just a brillant artwork - simple and
efficient and very beautiful. This one was worn by
or prepared for the French player
Karim Benzema
during the Champion's League.
FC Basel 2012/13

After 15 years of NIKE, FC Basel switched again
to its traditional shirts manufacturer ADIDAS.
Finally! The result: One of the most beautiful
shirts they ever had, and in my opinion THE most
beautiful since 1978/79. A simple and classic
design, with yellow stripes (Why not!). Just
The Champion's League version of the 2012/13
shirt is even more beautiful - without the
sponsor's logos and with the CL and the Respect
sleeve patches.
But both above mentioned shirts are still topped
by this unique Swiss Cup Final shirt worn by the
Austrian midfielder Markus
Steinhöfer - signed
and dedicated for "Stefan". Even if it's actually my
name, it was not me the shirt was dedicated for,
but who cares at the end! ;-)
Real Madrid 2013/14

This shirt was issued for Cristiano Ronaldo for
the Champion's League final against Atletico
Madrid which Real won with a fantastic score of
4-1 after extra time and reached the historic mark
of 10 Champion's League titles.
It's another great art work of Adidas, just a
beautiful shirt - like so many before ... and
hopefully more in the future.