AC Milan
AC Milan 1988/89

One of my all time favourite teams was the
"extraterrestrial" AC Milan team of the late 80's
and early 90's when they won two European
Cup finals. The key players of that famous team
were "legends" like the "dutch connection" Gullit,
Van Basten and Rijkaard, but as well Baresi,
Maldini, Donadoni and Ancelotti. This shirt was
worn by
Marco Van Basten. Unpayable! Don't
even try to ask for this one!
From the same season I have this shirt with the
number 7 of another great player of that period,
Roberto Donadoni.
Donadoni never was a person who stood in the
middle of the attention. Nevertheless, Milan
would never have been the team it was without
his outstanding technical skills. It was a
pleasure to watch him "dancing" with the ball
and making a fool of his adversaries.
AC Milan 1989/90

Another AC Milan shirt which I'm really proud of
having it is the one of the 1989/90 season, also
worn by
Roberto Donadoni. It's the very rare
version with heavy cloth material, which was
worn in a few matches during the winter time.
AC Milan 1992/93

After the disastrous 1990/91 season when Milan
was thrown out the European Cup by Olympique
Marseille, they got banned in 1991/92 from the
European competitions. Nevertheless, they
used their forces to win the Italian
championship in a glorious way and
established a new record of totally 52 matches
where they didn't loose. This shirt was the one
they wore after having won their 12th "scudetto"
and was worn by one of my all time favourite
dutch and international players
Frank Rijkaard.
He was certainly not the most hardworking
player (they often called him "il pigro", the "lazy"),
but what he played during the matches was just
brillant, and his passes based on an
outstanding overview. It was a real pleasure to
watch him playing.
AC Milan 1992/93

In a few matches they wore a specially issued
away shirt with screen printed black numbers on
the back, like this one worn by
. They belong the the rarest Milan shirts
ever since and are very hard to find.
In the Champion's League AC Milan won every
match - except one: the final against Olympique
Marseille. This away shirt was prepared for the
second part of the Champion's League, but
never worn. It has the number screen printed
into the cloth. In my opinion it's one of the most
beautiful shirts Milan ever had - and also one of
the rarest ones to find. Many collectors already
asked for it ...
AC Milan 1993/94

The AC Milan team of this season wasn't as
spectacular as the one in 1992/93. Stars like
Van Basten (invalid) or Rijkaard (Ajax) left the
team. But the season was succsessful all the
same. They won the "scudetto" (another one)
and the Champion's League in a historic match
against Cruyff's Barcelona.
I just loved the Lotto shirts Milan - and several
other teams - wore during that period. They were
made of a high quality, designed in a simple
way and just beautiful with the frames that were
woven into the shirt. Player shirts used to have
the logos embroidered or sown on and the back
numbers screen printed into the cloth.
The home shirt was worn in a celebrating match
for the winning of the 14th championship and
has the number 14 embroidered onto the
scudetto patch. It was worn by
, another great Milan player of those
The away shirt with the number 7 usually was
worn by
Stefano Eranio, but also by Alessandro
during some matches.
The number 16 shirt could have been worn by
Florin Raducioiu during the Italian Supercup
against Torino.
During the Champion's League they played
without "Motta"-sponsor on the chest. The UEFA
Champion's League patch is screen printed on
the sleeve. Very beautiful as well.
After Olympique Marseille was banned by the
FIFA due to the manipulating scandal, Milan - as
runners up of the 1992/93 CL final - was
allowed to participate at the Intercontinental Cup
match against Sao Paolo.
This shirt was issued for that match to avoid any
color clashes with the brazilian team. But at the
end they used the red-black striped home
version. But in any case it's a very rare and very
beautiful shirt.
AC Milan 1994/95

The 1994/95 season wasn't very successful. In
the Italian championship Milan ended on a
midfield place. Nevertheless, the away shirts of
this season were of a very beautiful design.
Usually, the number 10 was worn by the
Montenegro superstar
Dejan Savicevic. Only in
the Champion's League final he missed the
match due to an injury and was substituted by
Zvonimir Boban (see next picture).
AC Milan 1994/95

For the Intercontinental Cup match against the
Argentinian team Velez Sarsfield, there has
been issued a special shirt without sponsor and
match embroidery. Further, as
representatives of the UEFA Champion's
League winners, they used the European Cup
patch instead of the Italian Scudetto shield.
Even though they finally played in the home
shirts (with the same details), I like this shirt
even more. A wonderul design!
AC Milan 1994/95

In 1995 AC Milan reached the Champion's
League Final again - this time against Ajax
Amsterdam. Unfortunately, they lost the match.
This shirt was prepared for the Croatian player
Zvonimir Boban. It was  the first time they wore
shirts with names. Of course, the quality wasn't
as nowadays - just a piece of cloth embossed
above the number.
In any case it is a wonderful and very rare shirt.
AC Milan 1996/97

Another outstanding player of these times was
no one else than "il capitano"
Franco Baresi - in
my eyes one of the best liberos ever. I really
liked the cool and overviewing style he managed
the whole Milan defense. It was a great
experience when I watched a match at San Siro
and could examine his elegance from the top of
the stadium. Just amazing. This shirt from the
1996/97 season was worn by him during the
Italian championship. It was the first season of
the Lega Calcio patches on the sleeve.
AC Milan 1999/00

In my opinion Adidas made a great job with their
"Equipment" line. The shirts are just great, have
a simple but beautiful design and are made of a
high quality. The speciality of the player shirts of
this season was that the scudetto patch was
embroidered into the shirt. Further, they had the
Equipment tag sown on. The white away shirt
was worn by the brazilian star
Leonardo during
the Italian championship.
AC Milan 2004/05

Don't ever remind me of that tragic Champion's
League final against Liverpool, when AC Milan
lead 3:0 and then lost the match in the penalty
lottery. Nevertheless, the shirt they wore was
just wonderful, with match embroidery, worn or
issued for the AC Milan legend
Paolo Maldini.
AC Milan 2011/12

In 2011 Milan finally won another Italian
championship - after several years of
dominance by their city rival Inter Milan.
The away shirt with "Scudetto" they wore in the
following season 2011/12 was a  real beauty - a
great design. This one was issued for
Alessandro Nesta in his last season for Milan.
The third away shirt of the 2011/12 season is
even more beautiful in my opinion - even though
normally I don't like black shirts. The shirt on the
picture was prepared for the Swedish player
Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the Champion's